Are Your Daily Tasks Leading You AWAY From Your Biggest Goals?

I really enjoy working with my coaching clients. I get to see and be a part of their own breakthroughs and progress. And I end up learning a lot myself!

Recently, a topic came up with a client where he was disappointed with his progress. He was committing to doing three tasks a day which he would plan the night before. He was pretty stellar at getting them done. If he said he was going to do it, he made a very strong effort to do it. Sometimes, what determined whether he could finish the tasks was out of his control and dependent on other people. As more of those unfinished tasks piled up, he started feeling down on himself.

So, we started talking about big goals — THE big goals, like, what do you feel your purpose is in life, and what do you ultimately want to achieve. Some of these smaller goals that he was committed to doing didn’t always line up with his big goals. Because if they don’t, then why are you really doing them? Is it because you want to please someone else? Or you feel you have to? Or is there another bigger goal that you haven’t identified. Here’s what I shared with him and now you, the reader:
“I always try to keep my life goals on my mind. They are 1) create meaningful music as a career, 2) find love. Just about everything I do should lead me towards one of those two goals. If I can’t find a connection, then I won’t do it. For example, I used to perform as a dueling pianist. When I started, I knew I would grow as a musician and learn more about music and become more confident on stage and make money while having more free time during the week to work on my own stuff. That was all true. Now, though, I don’t do them anymore and won’t when I’m asked. I’ve learned all I need to from that, and the only reason I would do it is for money. Playing music just for money takes me away from my goals.

Coaching provides me with some flexible income which allows me more freedom to manage my schedule better. Plus I learn a lot from my clients, including you! At some point, though, I will probably put a stop on coaching, but for now, it’s a positive thing in my life.”
So, to take a moment to notice what you’re doing throughout the day. Make sure they connect with your goals somehow. Sometimes they will be something that you have to do to live comfortably, like take out the trash. Keeping your environment clean I would say is necessary for most people’s goals. So even when something seems boring or tedious remind yourself that this little task is part of a bigger picture and let that motivate with everything you do.

And if you have a job or other responsibility that doesn’t lead you to your actual goals, then maybe it’s time to rethink why you are doing this activity. Maybe there’s a better activity or job that you can be doing that would serve you and your community better.

A Boy Named Susan

I’m sitting at the bar with my buddy Brian. We’ve ended up at ABC tavern after a long night of seeing bands, drinking all the alcohol, and walking around Brite Winter Fest. We’re ready to finally head home, and having had plenty to drink, I decide to use the bathroom before we call for an Uber. 

I walk into the bathroom. Both toilets are in use. The urinater in the corner sees me and while still urinating says, "Hey, come here." 

I smile at the ridiculousness of that request and assuredly say, "Nah."

"Yeah, come here. What's your name?”

Obviously, this guy has no clue what’s going on. 

"My name's Su...san.” That was the best my now slow-witted, alcohol-infused brain could come up with. 

"Susan?! Your name's not Susan."

Laughing a bit, "Yeah it is! Susan. It's a weird name.”

The other guy peeing confirms that my name is Susan but the corner urinater doesn’t seem convinced. 

He finishes peeing, walks passed the sink towards me, and suddenly, BANG! My head jolts back. Glasses fly off. I never saw it coming. Wow! This guy just actually punched me! Square in the face. What is this guy thinking?! He has no need to hit me. I mean no harm.

I calmly and gently put my hand on his chest and with a pleasant demeanor, oddly enough, I say "Whoa, dude. It's all good. It’s all good.” I’m not angry. Yet. I’m mostly just in awe at how absurd this whole situation has been.

His hand was still in a fist, ready to strike again. The other urinater also tried to quell the situation by saying "Whoa, man he's cool. He's cool.”

“He’s cool?”, says the guy who just clocked me.

“Yeah, man, he’s cool."

After a few seconds, the assailant was convinced that I was cool and relaxed his fist. 

Despite having just been punched, I still just want to take a leak. I walked pass him to the toilet. Nose is now bleeding a bit.

The kinder of the two urinaters says to me, "Whoa, did that guy just punch you?"


"Yo, that's not cool."

"That's life sometimes...I guess?"

I try to pee. Can’t pee. I am a bit riled up now and it’s just starting to occur to me that this guy is a super douchebag and I should be pissed.  

I walk out of the bathroom (still didn’t pee) and run into two bartenders DJ and Graham who just heard what happened and are asking who punched me. Yeah! Let’s find this guy! We look around a bit but he was gone. I'm not sure what I would have done if I saw him but I was pretty pissed at this point. 

I return to the bar where Brian is patiently waiting for me. I tell him I got punched. 

“What?!”, Brian responds. 

“Yeah, I got punched. It’s ridiculous."


“I don’t even know. I told him my name was Susan."


Hi! I'm Rob Kovacs. Welcome to my blog. I intend to use this as a way to share my ideas and experiences about life. Thanks for reading what I have to say. :)