Welcome to the website of Cleveland-based pianist and songwriter Rob Kovacs. Here you can find a calendar of Rob's upcoming events, downloadable audio and sheet music arranged by Rob, contact information, and videos of Rob's performances.


Rob Kovacs is a Cleveland-born pianist, and composer. He is the first person in the world to have performed both piano parts of Steve Reich’s Piano Phase simultaneously. He was the lead vocalist, pianist and songwriter for the band, Return of Simple. He has performed and recorded with several other Cleveland and NYC artists including Herzog, Matt Singer, Expecting Rain, Margot B and Parson James. He is a guest composer and pianist for American Greetings e-cards, and has written music for several award winning short films including PheMIMEnon and Game On. Kovacs has performed thousands of songs at dueling piano bars from New York City to Wisconsin. He was recognized as the 2008 Best Pianist/Keyboardist by the Cleveland Free Times (a.k.a. The Scene).

Kovacs's original music utilizes his mastery of the piano to create rhythmically dense soundscapes underneath extended vocal melodies. Using a technique taken from his study of classical music, Kovacs’ songs often present a single musical idea which is then fully developed through out the song. Kovacs talks about topics of loss and longing with lyrics that are both descriptive and self-medicating. Also notable is his self-proclaimed aversion for the traditional V7-I chord progression. Kovacs is in the process of recording another record.

Random fact: Kovacs was a Cleveland semifinalist in the 1990 Nintendo World Championships.